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Serviced Living

For all those who don't stick to their chairs and certainly not to old ideas of how to live and work today. We offer the generation on the move in more and more cities apartments on time. With Serviced Living, which combines living in inspiring places with fresh ideas and a shared attitude to life

Anyone working for a long time in another city wants more than just being locked up in anonymous hotel rooms. And experience more than just the daily commute between work and home. Nowadays you want to live with services that make life easier and support your work. With people who share your attitude to life and the idea of freedom with you. Not only does this feel completely different from Hotel ABC, you also save money.

You just don't drink an after-work beer alone

Do you know the hotels where everyone looks muddy in their coffee cups, disappears quickly into their rooms and the lights go out in the evening? We offer you a lot of space to meet people with the same attitude towards life. We make it easy for you to meet people in a relaxed way at a beer after work, for a run together, for cooking a giant pot of pasta for everyone or for joint excursions to Pisa.

There's no reason to live in the woods

We think from your point of view, with your belly and with your heart. That's how we always come up with ideas that we turn into attractive offers. For example welcome parties, topics in the evenings, sushi workshops or trips together. And that is not and will not be everything. You can be absolutely sure that our passion does not stand still. Just as little as you do.

Someone once said that home is where your heart is

If you want to focus several months for a project, you don't want a location with the charm of an Excel sheet. That's why it's so important to move back to a place where you feel comfortable, where you can meet people of the same mind and connect with life away from the desk.